Pitcrew Mining

Pitcrew Mining provides automated inspection and condition monitoring assessment of large mining vehicles, especially high-value haul trucks. The pitcrew system can identify several key problems:


Hot tyres - the system can rapidly identify if the surface temperature of any tyre is warmer than adjacent tyres. A hot tyre could indicate several problems from something as simple as under-inflation to more serious issues. Excessively hot tyres can pose a fire and potential explosion risk and are a major safety issue.


Tyre separation - tyre separation and delamination is a common problem. Pitcrew’s system is able to detect separation very early, enabling time to schedule tyre repairs, avoiding unscheduled downtime and extending tyre life.


Brake issues - brake anomalies can be identified, allowing for maintenance to be planned and averting potential safety risks.


Biased Loading - valuable insights for production to help optimise loading efficiency




How does it work?


The pitcrew system is delivered as a self-contained pad-mounted unit, with solar and battery power, along with cellular data connection.


The system is placed at the side of a haul road and automatically scans passing vehicles.


AI-powered algorithms identify vehicle types and potential problems


If a problem is detected the control room and key personnel can be alerted with details such as vehicle ID, defect type and location, time of detection, plus images and video to assist further assessment





Identified problems


Early-stage delamination identified 




Edge Separation identified  

 Edge delamination



Brake imbalance identified 


Brake imbalance


Simple, effective, autonomous condition monitoring  




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